Mountaineering: Volcanoes of Kamchatka

Avachinsky (2741 m)

Avachinsky volcano is the most visited mountain, since it is very close to Petropavlovsk. Last eruption was in 1991 and the fumaroles in the crater are still very active.

Avachinsky is for sure one of the 'easiest' volcanoes to climb on Kamchatka. A wide path leads to the to, only the last 200 m are reasonably steep. The 1800 vertical meters of ascent can be done in three to five hours, depending on condition.
Base camp is at an altitude of about 1000 m either in one of the newly established huts or in the tent among the elder bushes. Base camp is 16 km and 700 vertical meters from the road, hitchhiking is an option, especially on weekends.

'Modern' Base Camp at the Avachinsky region.

Avachinsky in the morning (from Koryaksky). August 2008

Avachinsky in the evening (from Koryaksky). August 2008

Avachinsky with fresh snow (from Nalychevo). August 2008


Koryaksky (3470 m)

Webcam at Koryaksky. The vocano is rather active since December 2008!

Koryaksky is the neighboring mountain to Avachinsky, but it is climbed way less frequently. From the usual base camp the altitude difference to be covered is 2400 m, and this is a full 12h climbing day. However, there is a good camping possibility at about 2000 m altitude behind a red ash cone. Water is also available there.

Koryaksky (August 2008) from Petropavlovsk.
Koryaksky is not an 'easy' mountain. Basically it is a pile of gravel. Good confidence on loose gravel and rocks is essential.
In summer 2008 it was possible to climb Koryaksky without crampons. However, it is still safer to take them along.

Koryaksky (August 2002) from Avachinsky.

Koryaksky (August 2008) in the morning with single cloud'.

Koryaksky (August 2008) almost free of clouds.

A wall of crumbly basalt piles.

Ascent via the ice field in the fog.

Rime on the summit ridge.

Lenin badge on the summit.

On the top. Above the clouds.
Unique weather: The summit was above a thick layer of clouds. No other mountain, not even Avachinsky was visible. Only us on the summit.

Fog is rising.
Summit of Koryaksky - 3470 m.