Trekking Tour: Uzon Caldera and Valley of Geysers

Fotos from the birch forest and the high perennial vegetation

Senecio at the coast.

Senecio canabifolia and Aconitum spec.

Abies gracilis and Betula ermanii.

Walking through tall perennials.

Eye hight in a meadow of Senecio canabifolia.
The Betula ermanni forest has a lush undergrowth of high perennnials (Senecio canabifolia, Aconitum spec., Epilobium angustifolium, Filipendula camtschatika, etc.).
It is rather difficult to find a way though this man-tall jungle of plants.

Crossing a small river.

Walking through Filipendula camtschatika

More river crossing.

Our 'path' through Filipendula camtschatika.

Camp among tall perennials (Epilobium angustifolium).

Fotos from the tundra

Rreaching an open valley leading to the tundra plateau

Summer dry creek. Rocks in the river bed are perfectly aligned due to frequent freezing and thawing.

A view from the tundra plateau, volcano Kronotsky in the background

Small creek with water surrounded by willow bushes

Tundra plants
The tundra is great for hiking, as for now one can see where to go. However, belts of thick pine bushes make it hard sometimes.
Many of the creeks are dry in summer and fall.

Colors in fall (Actostaphylos alpina).

Antler of a large Kamchatka caribou.

Camp on the tundra plateau.

Karimsky volcano from a distance.

The last water for the rest of the day.

A rainy day on the tundra plateau.

Lake near Sini Dol.

Stretch over volcanic ash, way to the Uzon Caldera.

Approaching the rim of the Uzon Caldera (in back).

Fotos from the thick pine 'stlanik'

Pinus pumila on the valley ridges.

Typical tundra valley with Pinus pumila at the higher elevations.

Pinus pumila, volcano Karimsky in the background.

Fighting with Pinus pumila to reach the next valley.
Tundra on the ridges is interrupted with thick patches of pine.

The Uzon Caldera

View from the rim into the Uzon Caldera.

In the Uzon Caldera. Beautiful fall colors.

Crossing a cold river close to hot springs.

Large warm lake in the Uzon Caldera.

Fascinating colors.
Uzon Caldera is protected throught the surrounding high caldera rim. The local climate is very favorable for rich vegetation and wild life. A realm of stunning beauty.
Female bear with cub.

Bear tracks in the mud.

Mud pools and mud sculptures.

Thermophile bacteria.

Holes with hot water.
Intense bright colors in the Uzon Caldera.

The Valley of Geysers

Descend to the Valley of Geysers.

Valley of Geysers

Valley of Geysers

geyser in a cave

Two caves with geysers
The Valley of Geysirs is basically consists of a variety of geysirs and hot springs along a the river Smutnaya. Different hues of green tones predominate the vegetation. A unique place.
A hot river

Geysers at sunset

The largest geyser active

A view into the valley

Valley of geysers from the hut
Panoramaview of the Valley of Geysers with its plenty of steaming holes.