Bike Tour: From Petropavlovsk to Tolbachik

On the main track.

Rocks with symbols from the past.

Downhill on a small track.

Muddy track.

Bikes on volcanic ash.

Track over lava rocks

Bike and volcano Tolbachik.

A spectacular cloud at Tolbachik.

A river to cross...

Cycling on Kamchatka is not always easy. As soon as we left the main track, we had to fight with mud, soft surface and fist sized gravel. But that's part of the adventure...

Summit of Tolbachik crater.

A dusty track

Ferry across the Kamchatka River.

Birch forests and smaller volcanoes.

On a track through high vegetation.

In Kamchatka's high perennials.

Track through the birch forest.

Food store in Milkowo.

Volcano Avachinsky.